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Hit and Run Defense in Alameda and Contra Costa County

What is "hit and run?"

When a motorist fails to stop and exchange contact and insurance information with the other motorist(s) after a collision, he or she will be charged with hit & run and arrested shortly thereafter. If you have been charged with hit and run after fleeing the scene of an accident or failing to provide your information, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced defense attorney immediately.  A skilled Alameda County & Contra Costa hit and run attorney can protect your rights and provide you with the defense you need to achieve the best results possible.

How are hit and run charges defended?

Ms. Gorelick has defended hundreds of clients charged with hit & run, and knows what defense strategies are most effective. From her experience, Ms. Gorelick has found that there are a number of different reasons as to why someone may leave the scene of a hit and run accident. Among them are:

  • Driving without a license
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Fear of losing one's driver's license
  • Possibility of facing criminal charges
  • Panic brought on by fear because the accident is one's fault

How can a defense attorney help with my Bay Area hit and run case?

Regardless of your reason for leaving the scene of an accident, you should hire an experienced Hayward or Pleasanton hit & run defense lawyer like Lynn Gorelick to defend you in court. A hit & run conviction will result in a number of penalties that can make your future very difficult. Incarceration, steep fines, restitution to the victim, probation, community service, driver's license suspension, and a mark on your criminal record are all very real penalties you will face if you are found guilty of hit & run.

Get advice and help for your hit and run case

After 30 years of defending hit and run charges in the East Bay, Attorney Lynn Gorelick understands that quite often there are hidden defenses to the charges that make for compelling defenses.

To discover the defenses and weaknesses in your hit and run case, contact Attorney Gorelick at 510-785-1444 to schedule a free initial case evaluation.

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