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Felony DUI and Repeat DUIs For The California Bay Area

California DUI Charges Can Be Serious Felonies

If you already have a drunk driving or other DUI charge on your criminal record, a second, third or higher DUI charge can seriously impact your life.

Penalties for DUI when you already have convictions

A multiple DUI conviction carries much harsher penalties and repercussions. A 4th or subsequent DUI is a felony charge and avoiding jail time is nearly impossible without the help of a multiple DUI & felony DUI attorney. A Contra Costa & Alameda criminal defense lawyer at the Gorelick Law Offices is dedicated 100% to aggressively defending any and all charges the client faces.

Attorney Lynn Gorelick has over 25 years experience in criminal defense and she may be able to help you avoid the serious penalties associated with a multiple DUI or felony DUI conviction.

Multiple DUI Penalties

DUI Penalties

1st DUI – misdemeanor
2nd / 3rd DUI – could result in jail time
(or 3 year suspended license and or fines)
Note: all are providing there is no excessive speeding, children under 14 in the car and or a BAC greater than .15%)

4th + DUI within 10 year period
could result in felony charges + jail time

Consult Lynn Gorelick – DUI Attorney for more details

While a first DUI is generally a misdemeanor offense (providing there are no enhancements such as excessive speeding, child under 14 in car, BAC greater than .15%, etc), a second or third DUI offense within 10 years of the first can result in up to a year in jail, 3 years suspended license, 30 months in a substance abuse program and $1000 or more in fines and penalties.

When Injury or Death is involved, you may face prison time

If death or injury is associated with a DUI or it is a 4th or more DUI arrest within 10 years, felony DUI charges may be assessed. A conviction for a felony DUI can result in a state prison sentence of a year or more, 4-year suspended driver's license or a revoked license, $1000 or more in fines not to mention mandatory treatment programs and probation.

Protect yourself and preserve your future

Protect yourself by talking to Lynn Gorelick, who has extensive experience defending people accused of very serious DUI and DUI related crimes in Contra Costa County, Alameda County and throughout the Bay Area. This is very serious, so don't delay. Call 510-785-1444 to schedule your free consultation.

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