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5 Harsh Realities About DUI Manslaughter in California

No one ever expects to be involved in a car accident, let alone one that results in death. But when you drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs, your chances of being in such a situation increase dramatically. And if you're unlucky enough to cause a fatal accident while impaired, you could be charged with DUI manslaughter. While the consequences of a conviction can be severe, many people still don't take the dangers of drunk driving seriously enough. Here are five harsh realities about DUI manslaughter in California that everyone should know.



1. Long Prison Time

Manslaughter is a serious crime, and the consequences for those convicted of DUI manslaughter can be severe. In California, a person convicted of DUI manslaughter faces a mandatory prison sentence of 4 years. However, that sentence can be increased to 16 years if certain aggravating factors are present. Some of these factors include:

  • The victim was a law enforcement officer or other first responders
  • The defendant had a prior DUI conviction
  • The victim was killed in a hit-and-run accident

These are just a few examples of the many factors that can increase the severity of the punishment for DUI manslaughter. If you are convicted of this crime, you could be facing a long prison sentence.

2. You'll Have A Hard Time Finding A Job

The consequences of DUI manslaughter can be harsh and can include time in prison, large fines, and a criminal record. In California, there are also Employment prospects for those convicted of DUI Manslaughter. It is not easy to find a job with a conviction like this on your record. Many employers conduct background checks, and a DUI Manslaughter conviction will likely show up. This can make it very difficult to find work, especially in fields where security clearance is required. 

This is a harsh reality of DUI Manslaughter in California, and it can impact the convicted individual's ability to support themselves and their family. It can also lead to other consequences such as homelessness or poverty, which further add to an already difficult situation. Thus, having difficulty finding work after a conviction for DUI Manslaughter can be one of the harshest realities faced by those convicted in California.

3. You'll Have Trouble With Securing Housing

When a person is convicted of DUI manslaughter in California, there are severe consequences that can affect every aspect of their life. One of the harshest realities is that they may have difficulty securing housing. This is because many landlords run background checks and will not rent to someone with a criminal record, especially one as serious as DUI manslaughter. This can make it very difficult for someone who has been convicted of this crime to find a place to live, which can add to the already significant hardship they are facing.

On top of this, the court may impose probation terms that limit where a person can live. This can further complicate finding housing for someone convicted of DUI manslaughter and create an additional challenge to their already difficult situation.

This lack of available housing is just one harsh reality about DUI manslaughter in California; there are many others as well. These include hefty fines, long prison sentences, mandatory drug treatment programs, and potential community service orders. All of these consequences can have long-lasting impacts on a person's life and make it even more difficult for them to rebuild after conviction.

4. It Will Stay In Your Criminal Record For Many Years

A criminal record can haunt you for years, and a DUI manslaughter conviction is no exception. In California, a conviction for DUI manslaughter can lead to a permanent criminal record that follows you wherever you go. With this kind of mark on your record, the challenges of finding gainful employment or even being able to rent an apartment are significantly increased.

5.You'll Experience Emotional And Mental Consequences

The emotional and mental consequences experienced by those convicted of DUI manslaughter can be just as devastating, if not more so, than their legal consequences. Victims' families may seek closure through a civil lawsuit, which can leave an offender feeling guilty and ashamed for years after they have served their sentence. Furthermore, many offenders struggle with depression due to their situation and the guilt associated with it.

The 5 harsh realities of DUI manslaughter in California are serious consequences and life-altering punishments for those found guilty. The fines, jail time, and license suspension can be extremely difficult for defendants to bear, as well as the knowledge that a mistake could have cost someone their life. It is clear that anyone facing this charge should take it very seriously and seek legal counsel immediately. No matter what the outcome may be, DUI manslaughter charges will remain with individuals for life and can have significant implications on future employment opportunities and other areas of life. Call us today. We would love to help.



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