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California DUI Penalties Explained

All DUI penalties in the state of California are harsh but some are much more severe than others.   Depending on the exact circumstances associated with a drunk driving or other driving under the influence charge (illegal drugs, medication, etc), you could be facing either misdemeanor DUI or felony DUI charges .  An Alameda and Contra Costa County DUI defense lawyer at the Gorelick Law Offices also represents the entire Bay Area and has over 37 years experience in getting results for clients needing criminal law or DUI law defense.  If you or someone you know has been charged or arrested for a DUI, a defense attorney at the firm may be able to help.

California DUI penalties are categorized depending on the severity and specific circumstances of the DUI offense.

Even a first DUI offense can result in hundreds of dollars in fines and fees, mandatory jail time, lengthy probation and mandatory substance abuse program enrollment. See below for additional DUI penalty information.

1st DUI:

6 months suspended license, $1000 or more in fines and fees, 48 hours or more jail time

2nd DUI within 10 years:

2 year suspended license, $2000 or more in fines and fees, 96 hours or more jail time

3rd DUI within 10 years:

3 year suspended license, $2000 or more in fines and fees, 120 days or more jail time

Felony DUI:

A 4th (or more) DUI within 10 years or a DUI involving injury or death or other enhancements (DUI with child under age 14 in car, reckless driving, etc) may result in felony DUI charges.  The penalties include a possible permanent suspended license, even higher fines and fees and 3 or more years imprisonment.

How an experienced California DUI Lawyer can help you

Do not assume that you will receive the above listed penalties just because you were arrested. It is extremely important to talk with an experienced DUI lawyer who has recent experience in the county, city and court where you will face your charges.

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