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Out Of State Drivers Who Get DUIs in California

Are you an out of state driver who got a DUI in California? If So, you may lose driving privileges in California after being arrested for DUI and there are other possible serious consequences which you may face upon return to your home state. This is why it is very important to contact an out of state DUI defense lawyer if you have been charged with a DUI in Alameda County, Contra Costa County or anywhere throughout the Bay Area.

How the Interstate Driver's License Compact can affect your case in California

Because of the Interstate Driver's License Compact (IDLC), you could be facing similar charges in your home state as those that would be charged to a California citizen.  In fact, some states will impose even more severe charges against a driver who was arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs in another state.  Alameda and Contra Costa County criminal defense attorney Lynn Gorelick works aggressively on behalf of each and every client facing criminal charges.  DUI defense attorney Lynn Gorelick is dedicated to providing quality representation to those needing defense for a crime.  She understands what the client is going through and fights for their rights to the fullest.

Out of state driver arrests for DUI in California are complicated

An out of state DUI charge can be complicated when it comes to your specific circumstances and the IDLC.  An Alameda and Contra Costa out of state DUI attorney at the firm helps the client sort out exactly where he or she stands in regard to the driver's license issuing state's particular laws for citizens charged with a DUI in another state.  Don't take chances.  Make sure you know everything you need to about the consequences of the DUI charges against you.

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