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Probation Violations in Contra Costa and Alameda County

What Does the Term “Probation” Mean in California?

Probation is used to describe a conditional release into the community - court probation or supervised release into the community - formal probation. Probation is a term of a sentence from a judge which describes expectations of conduct for a period of time. Probation can also mean a sentence by a judge without jail or prison time.

What Happens When You Get Probation in California?

If you have been sentenced to probation in the Bay Area, the judge will inevitably read a list of certain terms and conditions that must be abided by while you are serving your probation. If you complete the probation without violating any of those terms, you will avoid any additional legal consequences. Unfortunately, there are times when an individual fails to follow the judge's orders and subsequently violates the terms of his or her probation. If this happens to you, you can be charged with violating your probation.

Types of Probation Violations in California

There are a variety of different types of potential probation violations in the East Bay. The terms included in your probation are decided on by the judge at the time of your sentencing. The following are possible probation violations in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties:

  • Failing to pay a fine
  • Failing to appear in court
  • Failing to abide by a court order
  • Failing to meet with your probation officer
  • Failing to perform community service
  • Failing to submit to alcohol and drug screenings
  • Failing a drug or alcohol test
  • Committing another offense while on probation
  • Associating with known criminals while on probation

What are the Different Penalties for Violating Probation?

After an individual violates the terms and conditions of the probation, there will be consequences. A judge will decide the appropriate penalty for violating probation. He or she will often look at whether you have had violations in the past and whether this is your first probation violation. In many cases, you will be sentenced to the penalties that you would have faced if the judge did not offer probation as an alternative.

Although the will vary, penalties can include jail time, fines, community service, along with extended probation and driver's license suspension.

Should You Consult with an East Bay Defense Attorney?

If you are charged with violating your probation, it is in your best interest to consult with a local and experienced attorney who works with clients in the East Bay. Lynn Gorelick has represented clients in this area for more than 30 years and has dedicated her practice to defending those who have been accused of crimes in California.

Gorelick Law Offices offers a free, initial consultation that allows you to meet Ms. Gorelick and review the facts of your case. It is very important to hire and work with an attorney who you can trust. Call Gorelick Law Offices at 510.785.1444 or 925.847.3006 to schedule your consultation.

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