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Accidents with Resulting DUI Charges in Alameda and Contra Costa County

DUI Accident Defense in the Bay Area

If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI after a car accident, it is crucial that you contact an Alameda and Contra Costa County DUI defense attorney right away. The California justice system is very harsh on anyone accused of a DUI crime of any kind but when the alleged drunk driver is charged with causing a car crash or causing injury or death, criminal prosecutors will work diligently to get the harshest penalty possible for felony DUI. An Alameda and Contra Costa County DUI with accident lawyer at the Gorelick Law Offices will work aggressively on the client's behalf to get the charges against him or her dismissed. A DUI charge is serious enough but if an injury, death or accident is involved, you could receive a lengthy imprisonment sentence and/or have to pay very high fines or compensation. DUI Defense Attorney Lynn Gorelick may be able to help you or someone you care about with a DUI involving an accident.

How a California DUI Lawyer Can Help

Unfortunately, hundreds of accidents causing damage, injury or death occur every day in the state of California. There are many, many things that cause these accidents that are unrelated to alcohol or being impaired. An Alameda and Contra Costa County DUI with accidents attorney at the firm has helped clients avoid the harsh penalties associated with this type of drunk driving or under the influence of drugs charge by showing that there were other causes that resulted in the accident.Circumstances such as weather conditions or improperly maintained roadways, mechanical failures, lighting, glare, other driver error, etc. can easily be responsible for the accident you may be accused of causing. Make sure you have an attorney on your side that will do everything possible to show you were not responsible for the charges against you!

Attorney Lynn Gorelick can help you with your Bay Area DUI with Accident Case

It might be a huge mistake to assume that your case is hopeless just because it involves allegations of alcohol use or impairment and an accident. Call Attorney Lynn Gorelick at 510-785-1444 or 925-847-3006 for a free case review to discover any defenses or mitigating factors that can help you.

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