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5 Reasons You Need a New Criminal Justice Attorney

5 Reasons You Need a New Criminal Justice Attorney 

You made the correct decision by choosing a criminal defense attorney rather than attempting to do it yourself, but you may have picked the wrong individual for the task. There's not much room for mistake when an attorney is handling so much on behalf of his or her client.

Here are 5 reasons to watch for and when it's time to change your legal representation:

1. They Make Major Decisions Without Consulting You.

When it comes to making tactical judgments, attorneys should generally make well-calculated ones that assist your defense. You should be the one making the crucial decisions that will shape your case. If your attorney is acting alone, that's a bad sign.

New developments may force you to modify your legal strategy. In this instance, listen to your attorney, be open to their viewpoint, and be reasonable about your expectations. Your criminal justice attorney, on the other hand, is working for you. If the disputes between you and your attorney are strong enough, look for another one.

2. They Aren't Ready, and Filings Are Late

Delays can have a detrimental impact on your rights. Technical, operational issues, such as missed deadlines, might result in your defense not receiving a full hearing. A judge may disregard late filings. If your attorney fails to understand the facts of the case and relevant law at hearings, he or she is committing legal malpractice. You are entitled to better service than that. Legal incompetence can not only cost you money; it can also result in imprisonment.

3. They're Not Professional

    This might manifest in a variety of ways. Unprofessional behaviors include disregarding you, your time, or the significance of your case, for example. This may also be referred to as your criminal justice attorney being unpleasant to the prosecution, which will not help your case.

    The majority of cases are settled through plea bargain negotiations with the prosecution. These settlements will be considered harshly if the prosecution dislikes dealing with your criminal justice attorney. Being discourteous to the court or other courtroom employees is also a big red flag that you need another lawyer and can damage your case.

4. They're Unresponsive

A good criminal justice attorney will be preoccupied, but they should still devote adequate attention to each client. If you can't reach them by phone right now, get a reply within 24 hours. This is an indication that your criminal justice attorney may be experiencing personal difficulties or isn't prioritizing your needs or case.

5. They Make Mistakes That Are Costly

    Both sides will have different understandings of the laws, and criminal justice attorneys are supposed to utilize the facts in their argument that the legislation supports your defense. However, making factual mistakes and making legal arguments that no longer apply are major flaws. This will jeopardize your case and result in an unfavorable outcome.


It's Time to Find a New Criminal Justice Attorney

It may be time to find a new criminal justice attorney if you're not satisfied. Discuss the situation with your attorney, but if you're still not comfortable, let them know that you are ending the relationship. Make sure your retainer agreement states how to go about making it official.

Your former criminal justice attorney should work with your future attorney to get your file. They will withdraw their appearance while your new one notifies the court they're taking the case.

How to Get Rid of Your Criminal Defense Attorney

You have the right to fire your attorney at any time, as long as your lawyer was not designated by the court. One or more of these warning flags might indicate that you should seriously consider obtaining new legal representation. You do not have to endure poor legal counsel.

Send a letter to your criminal defense attorney if you wish to fire him or her. Do not dismiss an attorney over the phone. In your dismissal letter, include specific information, such as:

  • Termination date
  • Your reasons for getting rid of them
  • Any documentation of event behavior is helpful
  • Where should you send your file

You have the right to demand access to your file and any information you shared with your former attorney. There's also the question of billing - your previous lawyer will want payment for services up until the date of termination.

How to Avoid it in the Future?

Obviously, the ideal opportunity to determine if a criminal justice attorney is competent or not is before you hire them. From the instant you contact them for the first time, pay attention to an attorney's communication skills. Are they simple to get in touch with? Do they respond promptly to your inquiries?

You can also determine how professional they are based on their office, attention to detail, and how they interact with their employees by keeping an eye on them.

Finally, if a criminal justice attorney appears distracted or promises over-the-top results at your first meeting, leave immediately.

It should be noted that it is never too late to hire a new criminal justice attorney. If your current criminal justice attorney is:

  • a poor communicator
  • behave unprofessionally
  • lacks experience
  • makes big promises
  • has an ineffective or nonexistent support team, and
  • lacks interest in your case

Now is the perfect time to find a criminal justice attorney that will put your needs first and put all of their energy to work for you and your case. Don't let a bad criminal justice attorney spoil your case. Hire a high-quality criminal defense lawyer with plenty of experience who knows how to get the job done.

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