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Do You Need a California DUI Lawyer? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

If you have been arrested for a DUI in California, you may be wondering if you need a lawyer. The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the severity of your charge and your criminal history. In this article, we will provide a quiz that can help you determine whether or not you need legal representation. Take this quiz now.


How To Know If You Need A California DUI Lawyer?

    DUI is one of the most common criminal charges in California. Having your case handled by a skilled and experienced lawyer can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding a conviction or minimizing penalties and fines. But not everyone needs an attorney for their DUI charge, so how do you know if you need a lawyer? Here are some questions that may help answer this question:

Do you have prior DUIs?

    If you've been convicted of a DUI in the past, you will likely need an attorney for your current charge. The penalties for a second or subsequent DUI conviction are much more than those for a first offense, so it's important to have experienced representation on your side.

Did you refuse to take a breathalyzer test?

    If you refused to take a breathalyzer test, or if your blood alcohol level was over the legal limit, you will likely need a lawyer. These are two strong indicators that the prosecution has a good case against you and that you will likely be convicted if you don't have an attorney.

Do you understand the charges against you?

    It's important to understand the charges against you and what possible penalties you could face if convicted. If you don't feel comfortable handling your case on your own, or if you're not sure what to do, it's a good idea to seek legal representation.

Did anyone get injured or killed?

    If someone was injured or killed as a result of your DUI, then seeking legal representation is imperative. You are likely facing felony charges if there were injuries involved and could face manslaughter or murder charges if someone died as a result of driving under the influence (DUI). Having experienced legal counsel at this point can save your life - literally.

Are you facing jail time?

    If you are facing jail time, you will likely need a California DUI lawyer. The severity of the sentence will depend on a variety of factors, including your prior criminal record and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. A lawyer can help negotiate for a lower sentence or prepare a defense to try and have the charges dismissed altogether.

Do you simply want someone to represent you at your DMV hearing?

    If you aren't sure if you need a DUI lawyer but know that you want someone to represent your interests at the DMV hearing for your license suspension, then yes, hire an attorney. Your lawyer can help fight for reinstatement of your driving privileges and prevent the suspension from going into effect. This may be especially beneficial if there were extenuating circumstances surrounding your arrest or when it comes to keeping points off of your driving record so as not to increase insurance premiums.

Do you need your driver's license reinstated?

    If you have had your driver's license suspended for a DUI conviction, then you will need a lawyer to help reinstate your driving privileges. Your attorney can provide the necessary paperwork and information needed by the DMV to request that your license be reinstated and advise when it is safe to do so based on the circumstances of your arrest or conviction.

Do you believe there was an error in processing?

    If you believe there was an error in processing or that your rights were violated during the DUI stop and arrest, then you should seek legal representation. Your attorney can review your case to determine if there are any grounds for appeal of the conviction based on these alleged errors or violations. This is especially important when it comes to determining whether or not evidence obtained during a search could be excluded from court proceedings because police did not have probable cause to conduct one (exclusionary rule).

Do you have the money to hire a California DUI lawyer?

    If you have the money to hire a lawyer, then you should do so. It's important that your rights are protected and that there is someone on your side who knows how these cases work to ensure fairness throughout all proceedings related to this type of offense, including any appeals process or negotiations when it comes time for sentencing after a conviction has been reached at trial.

    If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then it's likely that you need a California DUI lawyer. We can help. Give us a call today and one of our legal experts will be happy to answer any of your questions and help get you started on the path to getting your life back.


Do You Need a DUI Lawyer You Can Trust?

With Lynn Gorelick, you don't have to face criminal charges alone. You will receive personal attention to your case. Ms. Gorelick will be the one to appear in court with you from beginning to end. Ms. Gorelick, herself, will be doing your DMV hearings. You will not be handed off to another attorney or associate. You deserve this kind of attention to your needs at this stressful time. Ms. Gorelick has represented people charged with DUI for over 38 years.  She has NEVER been a prosecutor who pursues convictions. She has only DEFENDED people accused of crimes. Contact us today for your consultation!


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