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Burglary Suspect Found Asleep on the Job

Posted by Lynn Gorelick | Mar 31, 2016 | 0 Comments

It is not uncommon to feel drowsy during work hours. After the effects of a morning cup of coffee have worn off, some people even find themselves dozing off at work. Whether it was due to late night partying, cold medication, or simple boredom at work, it can be embarrassing to be caught asleep on the job. However, for a burglar caught asleep in a stolen car, an untimely nap can lead to jail time.

An Oakland man has been arrested after he was found asleep in a stolen car. In the early morning hours, California Highway Patrol officers called off their pursuit of a stolen car, later finding the car abandoned in Newark. A K-9 unit followed the trail of the suspect into the wetlands before losing track of the suspected car thief.

Hours later, after another car was reported stolen overnight, a Newark police officer found a Honda matching the description in a motel parking lot. The car was still running, and the officer noticed a man apparently asleep in the driver's seat. After a rude awakening, the man admitted that he was the suspect in the prior stolen car chase, and was arrested on suspicion of grand theft auto, possession of burglary, and burglary of a Pacific Gas and Electric vehicle.

From the number of reported incidents of a burglar caught sleeping, this is not an uncommon situation. In Oklahoma, Logan County Sheriff's officers received a report of a suspicious vehicle, with a driver apparently asleep at the wheel. When deputies arrived, they found Israeil Cummings dozing in the driver's seat of a pickup truck. The truck turned out to be stolen, and Cummings was arrested at the scene.

Several items of stolen property were also found in the truck, as well as evidence of methamphetamine use. Cummings also volunteered information about a stolen ATV nearby, although it was unclear to officers if Cummings was the thief, and who the ATV was stolen from. Cummings had a long criminal record, including prior charges of vehicle theft, driving under the influence, and stolen property charges.

After some university students awoke to find their apartment broken into, they also stumbled upon the apparent culprit. Serial burglar Ian Carr was found asleep on the students' couch, snoring loudly. The students called police, who arrived to arrest the still sleeping burglar. Carr had stolen items in his possession, and was even wearing one of the student's jacket.

A family in Florida awoke to find a man asleep on their couch, surrounded by chicken bones and empty beer bottles. After calling police, the man was awoken, and taken into custody. In his possession were several stolen items, including jewelry. The man was charged with burglary and theft, and had a prior warrant out for a burglary charge in Texas.

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