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East Bay Stay At Home Laws and Drunk Driving

Posted by Lynn Gorelick | Apr 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

Health officials in seven Bay Area counties have extended the stay-at-home orders through May 3-7, 2020. This includes Alameda County and Contra Costa County. While some residents in essential jobs are still going to work, many are not working or working-from-home. All this time cooped up inside may increase alcohol consumption. Even with a stay-at-home order, a driver who had too much to drink may decide to venture out and end up under arrest

If you were arrested for drunk driving, talk to your East Bay DUI defense lawyer about your case and how to fight the charges. Contact Lynn Gorelick to find out how to avoid a DUI on your criminal record. 

Stay At Home and Increased Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption has reportedly increased over the past couple of weeks as people are spending more time at home. According to the Associated Press, “U.S. sales of alcoholic beverages rose 55% in the week ending March 21.” Online alcohol sales were up more than 240% over the year before. “Spirits like tequila, gin and pre-mixed cocktails led the way, with sales jumping 75% compared to the same period last year. Wine sales were up 66% while beer sales rose 42%.”

San Francisco-based company BACtrack, which makes personal blood alcohol test devices, found that Bay Area users were consuming 42% more alcohol compared to before the stay-at-home orders went into place. With bars and restaurants shut down except for to-go or delivery, drinking at home is the only option for individuals who want to have a drink. 

For some people, without a job to go to, without friends to hang out with, and without other activities, drinking may simply follow out of boredom. However, drinking is also a way many people deal with stress and the past few weeks have been a stressful time for most of us, especially with the unknown about when things will get back to normal. 

Increased DUIs During Lockdown

Generally, drinking at home and orders to stay at home would tend to decrease the rates of drunk driving in the East Bay. However, alcohol can impair an individual's judgment. Impaired judgment may make a driver think that it is a good idea to go out to the grocery store to stock up on more alcohol or make a quick trip through the Taco Bell drive-thru. 

Alternatively, there may be minor emergencies for parents who have kids at home over the stay-at-home period. A parent who felt comfortable enough having a couple glasses of wine during the day may suddenly have an injured child on their hands and have to find a way to get to the hospital. Without time to sober up, a parent who feels sober enough to drive may end up testing above the BAC limit and face a DUI arrest

Getting Help After a DUI Arrest in the East Bay.  I am available 24/7 for consultations

The stay-at-home orders do not apply to the police who will continue to patrol the streets looking for impaired drivers. If you were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, contact your DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Lynn Gorelick is working during the stay-at-home orders.  With over 35 years of experience, Lynn Gorelick understands how the police and prosecutors can treat a crime victim like a criminal. A DUI conviction can affect your future, your ability to drive, and your job. If you are facing a DUI, contact the local DUI lawyer who understands that you do not have to plead guilty just because you were arrested.  

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