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Getting Home After a Night Out in Oakland

Posted by Lynn Gorelick | May 24, 2023 | 0 Comments

There are lots of public transportation options in Oakland. However, depending on where you live and where you are going out, you may have to take a car to get around. After a night out drinking with friends or co-workers, getting home can be a challenge. Driving home can put you at risk of a drunk driving arrest, even if you feel okay to drive. 

If you do end up under arrest after a night out in Oakland, talk to an experienced East Bay DUI defense lawyer to avoid losing your license. Call experienced East Bay DUI defense lawyer Lynn Gorelick to find out about your legal options after a DUI arrest.

Planning Ahead Before Going Out Drinking

We may know we need to plan ahead before going out but that's not always possible. Even if you plan to limit your drinking, a couple extra drinks can put you over the edge. If you are able to, plan ahead to make sure you have a way to get home safely after going out drinking in Oakland. Options include: 

  • Designate a driver who will stay sober and make sure everyone gets home safely
  • Plan to take a rideshare or taxi 
  • Look at your public transportation options
  • Try finding a place close to home so you can safely get back without a car

You should also have the number of an experienced East Bay DUI defense lawyer to call in case you get into trouble. A call to your defense lawyer can get the ball rolling on your defense, so you don't lose your license to drive.   

Ways to Get Home After a Night Out in Oakland

There are options for getting home safely after a night out drinking. However, things can always go wrong and your plans can fall through. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about getting home after a night out (or day out) drinking alcohol. 

What If My Designated Driver Is Drinking?

Having a designated driver only works if your driver remains sober. Don't pick an unreliable friend as your designated driver if you think they might just have a few drinks anyway, or more than you are aware of. If your designated driver is drinking, don't get in the car with them. Even if you can avoid a DUI by having someone else drive, you can still be at a higher risk of getting into a serious accident

What If I Don't Feel Safe on the BART or Bus?

Riding home on the BART or bus can be sketchy, especially late at night. There may be other drunk passengers looking for trouble or people experiencing mental health problems. Even if public transportation is an option, you may not feel safe, especially if you are traveling alone. 

Some of the most common alternatives to public transportation are taxis and rideshares. Rideshares like Lyft and Uber make it easy to call for a car to your exact location, with a photo of the driver, and description and license plate of the car. You also don't have to worry about paying for your ride with a card or cash because it is all done through the app. 

What If I Don't Have Money to Get Home?

Unfortunately, going out in Oakland comes with a risk of some property crime like getting your wallet, purse, or phone stolen. Without your phone or wallet, you may not have money to pay for a cab or call for a ride. You may be able to talk to a taxi driver and tell them you can pay them when you get to your house. You can also borrow someone's phone to call a friend and have them pick you up. 

What Are My Legal Options After a DUI Arrest?

If you end up driving and are stopped by police in Oakland, they can arrest you if they have probable cause to believe you were drinking and driving. A drunk driving arrest is one of the most common vehicle violations in California but still comes with severe penalties. You can lose your license, have to pay more in insurance, and may have a permanent mark on your criminal record. 

With so much at stake, you should consider challenging the charges to avoid a criminal record. Talk to an Oakland DUI defense lawyer who can review your case and let you know your legal options. You can challenge the case in court or your lawyer may be able to get the case down to lesser reckless driving charges. Your lawyer can represent you in your criminal case and the DMV hearing, so you can keep your license and avoid a drunk driving conviction on your record.  Call attorney Lynn Gorelick at 510-785-1444 or 925-847-3006. 

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Lynn Gorelick has been an attorney for over 38 years. She is the Attorney Lynn Gorelick is the Immediate Past President of the California DUI Lawyers Association and a Faculty and Sustaining member of the National College of DUI Defense. Lynn is a Specialist Member of the California DUI Lawyers Association and lectures frequently to other attorneys regarding DUI and DMV issues.


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