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Not All DUIs Happen in Cars

Posted by Lynn Gorelick | Apr 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

Even though a DUI can occur any time of day or night, they often occur from early evening on into the early morning hours. There are increased DUI arrests during the weekend, and on certain holidays. While most DUIs here in the East Bay involve drivers behind the wheel of a car or truck, occasionally drivers can be arrested for a DUI in a more unique vehicle.

A news investigation recently discovered that San Diego Airport authorities arrested a driver for drinking and driving. However, the man arrested was an airport employee, driving a jet refueling vehicle. The Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG) jet fuel vehicle is used to refill airplanes as they sit at the gate between flights. In this case, there were reports of a man stumbling around and falling to the ground while attempting to refuel the plane.

According to the Harbor Police report, 56-year-old jet fuel driver James Stewart was arrested for driving under the influence. At the police station, his blood alcohol level tested at 0.24% BAC, three times the legal limit of 0.08% for most drivers, and six times the legal limit for commercial drivers. Stewart pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor DUI.

A report of a jet fuel driver arrested for a DUI may sound odd, but DUI arrests involving riding lawnmowers are much more bizarre. A man in Pennsylvania was arrested for riding a lawnmower while intoxicated, carrying a box of beer along with him. The 25-year-old man's blood tested at almost three times the legal limit. While it was his first lawnmower DUI, he had three prior DUI convictions.

Similar lawnmower DUIs have been reported in Georgia. Just last month, a man in Missouri was arrested for a lawnmower DUI, in addition to facing charges for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. If convicted, it will be the 44-year-old's 6th DUI.

Any vehicle has the potential to cause injury or death to pedestrians or other drivers. However, when an accident involves a tractor trailer, the size and mass can make an accident even more dangerous. In San Joaquin County, a tractor-trailer driver crossed over the median on I-5, killing another driver in a head-on accident. Daniel Lee Matney was driving the tractor pulling a flatbed trailer at almost 60 miles per hour when it struck the other driver's Honda.

The tractor-trailer continued across the road, and down a hill, ending up in a fruit orchard. Matney suffered only minor injuries, while the other driver was reported dead on the scene. Police arrived and arrested Matney on suspicion of drunk driving. He is being held on $1.6 million bail, and may be facing vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

Wherever your DUI arrest occurred, you don't have to plead guilty just because you were arrested. At the Gorelick Law Offices, attorney Lynn Gorelick has dedicated her legal career to defending people charged with driving under the influence in the East Bay. With more than 30 years of DUI defense experience, she understands the penalties involved, and knows how to fight to keep your arrest from ending in a conviction. Contact your local East Bay DUI defense attorney who will make sure you get the justice you deserve.

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