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Police Relying on Surveillance Footage to Arrest Suspects

Posted by Lynn Gorelick | Oct 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

When no one is around to witness a crime in progress, police have little to go on to track down the potential suspects. However, as more cities, businesses, and private citizens use video cameras for various reasons, this camera footage is being used by law enforcement as evidence of criminal activity. In some cases, the suspects themselves are making recordings that may later be used against them.

On October 10th, a man and woman were walking back to their car at the MacArthur BART station parking garage in Oakland when a man appeared holding a gun. The gunman demanded their phones and property, took the keys to their BMW and drove away with another suspect. The police would not have had much to go on if it weren't for surveillance cameras near the scene.

The surveillance cameras captured the carjacking and gave the police enough information to obtain arrest warrants for the two suspects. The BART police shared the surveillance footage and information with the Oakland police when the couple committed another carjacking a couple of weeks later. The couple were arrested and now face criminal charges.

“These arrests could not have been made if it were not for our surveillance system, cooperation from the victims, and the follow through by our BART officers and detectives,” said BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey.

Police in Sunnyvale have released footage of a vehicle involved in a suspected hit and run. The photo released shows a white Acura with damage to the windshield, front bumper, and passenger side mirror. The vehicle was suspected in a hit and run accident involving a 67-year-old woman who was riding her bike on Fremont Avenue. Police are hoping the public will recognize the car and lead them to the suspect.

A man in Orange County was responsible for filming his own illegal exploits that landed him in jail. A number of YouTube videos were posted showing a masked man making leaps from cliffs, hotels, and homes into the ocean or a pool. One of those videos is labelled as 129 foot jump into the ocean. There have been over 30 videos posted with almost 10 million views.

One of the videos appears to show the man climbing over the gate of a private home, and onto the roof before the man jumps over the cliff and into the ocean. Police investigating the daredevil jumps traced the video account to Anthony Booth Armer. Now the 28-year-old man is facing two counts of unauthorized entry of a dwelling, and one count of trespassing with the intent to interfere with business.

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