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Suspects Put Right Back in Jail After Release

Posted by Lynn Gorelick | Apr 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

Most people see the possibility of jail time as a real deterrent. Spending time behind bars forces you into cramped quarters with other people you may not get along with. It also separates you from friends and family. However, for some individuals, immediately after being released from prison, they find themselves back behind bars for the same crime that got them arrested the first time.

In Antioch, police arrested 36-year-old Chelsea Ginochio for allegedly smashing windows. Ginochio had reportedly used a metal pipe to smash the restaurant windows of Lucky Chen. The restaurant was closed at the time. The woman admitted to the vandalism, which was estimated at about $3,000 in damage. Ginochio said she broke the windows out of frustration with being homeless. The damages were significant enough to warrant a felony vandalism charge.

However, this was not Ginochio's first time facing vandalism charges. In January, she had been arrested for smashing car windows. This came only minutes after being released from prison for her prior window smashing offense. She told police that she had wanted to go to jail, so she began smashing car windows in the jail parking lot. Her prior charge was for a similar incident, when she was throwing rocks at cars in an Antioch hospital parking lot.

After being released from jail, it may be best to lay low, and take care of your current criminal charges before participating in possible criminal activity. Repeated criminal activity may be a parole violation, and lead to increased penalties or a higher bond amount.

A man in New Jersey found himself back in jail only hours after being released for a separate charge. Michael DePalma, 38, was arrested on charges of child pornography and criminal sexual contact stemming from an incident with a 16-year-old girl. The man sent the girl lewd pictures, and asked for sexually explicit photos of the girl. After his arrest, he was released on $50,000 bail.

The next evening, police were responding to a hit-and-run crash allegedly involving DePalma. He led the police on a chase before he was finally stopped. DePalma is now back in jail on the additional charges of hit-and-run, eluding police, and drug charges involving Xanax and cocaine.

Shortly after being released from prison, 31-year-old Kentuckian Robert H. Creech again found himself in jail. He was spotted in a health center's parking lot, acting strangely. When police arrived, the officer noticed delayed reactions, nervousness, and failure to follow directions. The officer indicated the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs. When his car was searched, the officer found three Xanax tablets, and small amounts of heroin and marijuana.

At Gorelick Law Offices, attorney Lynn Gorelick has dedicated her legal career to defending people facing criminal charges in the East Bay. With more than 30 years of experience, Lynn Gorelick understands the law, and will make sure you get the justice you deserve. If you are facing vandalism, theft or other criminal charges, contact the local East Bay criminal defense attorney who understands that you do not have to plead guilty just because you were arrested.

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